July 2018  
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Preschool Director

Caryn Brock

The kids call me "Ms. Caryn." I was raised in church by Christian parents and I became a Christian at age 14. The Christian life is a journey and I have been on peaks and valleys, but through it all I have been assured that there is only one way to peace, joy and a true relationship with the one, true, living God and that is through His son, Jesus (John 14:6).
I have worked in the Preschool Department at FBC since 2003 and became Preschool Department Director in 2010. The Preschool Department is important because God says it's important. The Bible is filled with instances in which God demonstrates his value of children: God healed children (2 Kings 4:18-37, 2 John 4:46-53); He welcomed them in the church (Matthew 21:15-16); He welcomed them to Himself (Matthew 19:13-15, Mark 10:13-16, Luke 18:15-17); He encourages us to have faith like a child (Matthew 18:3); He issues a grave warning to anyone who would harm a child (Matthew 18:6, Mark 9:42, Luke 17:2).  Jesus loves children dearly. He does not take note of a child's socio/economic status, shade of skin, whether a child has had a bath or knows how to sit still during story time. We honor God when we love and value children in the same way He does.
I know how important it is to know that your children are loved because I have four children myself, all of whom have been a part of the FBC Preschool Department. My husband, Mike, and I have been married since 1993. Mike is a high school teacher and coach at Pawnee Public Schools and is an ordained and licensed Minister of the Gospel as well. If you have a child age birth through kindergarten, know that those who work in the Preschool Department will love and welcome him/her and that hugs are always freely given. We echo the apostle John, "I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth." (3 John 1:4).